Welcome to the KCL Trump Society Website!

We are a group of friends looking to set up an official society for KCL students and staff who are fans of the US President Donald Trump! We also plan to meet and discuss politics, history, conspiracies and current world events through a “Red-Pill” lens.

Unfortunately, the KCLSU now requires 50(!!) students to show interest in a group before they will accept an application. As such, we are trying to collect as many names and K-numbers of interested students as possible before the application deadline.

If you are interested in meeting other Trump supporters and attending talks, debates and get-togethers, please submit your name and K-number (K*******) in this Google Docs form.

We understand that in the current climate this kind of information can be sensitive, especially when associating with “wrongthink” political opinions; so we ensure complete privacy with your information, and we encourage that you submit using just your last name and the first letter of your first name(s). For example, Barron Trump would be B.Trump.

Look out for more news and information soon, and join our Facebook Group and Discord!


KCL Trump Society